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Auction Sale: If you are closing a production plant with tube, pipe and rollform machinery all you need to do is contact us. Who better to help liquidate than a global company with the customer database you require to advertise and sell your machinery fast and at a fair price. We will work with you to determine the best way to get the top dollar you need and will bring in specialists to help get the job done. We can handle the entire process or just as much as you need us to.

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Our mailing list is updated daily maintaining thousands of tube and rollform customers, steel processors and used equipment dealers world-wide. We have the resources available to sell your surplus equipment as quickly as possible for a fair price.,bang bros sex toy ad

Entry Line Equipment
Double Uncoiler
10,000 lb. w/Hydraulic Expansion, Good Air Brakes
10,000 lb., any brand
Sheet & Strip Machinery
Cut-Off Press
40 – 60 Ton Cut-Off Press with 2-4″ Stroke
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10 Stand, 3″ Shaft, 12″+ Roll Space
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16 Stand, 24″ Roll Space, 3.5″ Shaft, 9.5″ Min. Vert. Ctr.
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Yoder M2 Rollformer, 2″ x 8-20 stand
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14 Stand, 2″ Shaft, 10-12″ Roll Space, Tishken or Yoder
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12-14 Stand, 4″ Shafts, 12″ Vert. 18″ Roll Space, 75-100 HP
Tube & Pipe Machinery
Tube Coiler
Two or three basket tube coilers for small diameter tubing from tube mill. Yoder or similar, any year
Alpha Double Cut Dieset, 3″ OD
Garboli, Suntrand or Hetran, 2 heads & tube polishers
Level Winder for 3/8″ Tubing
6 or 10 Roll, 4.5″ – 9.625″ Dia. x .545″ Wall Thickness
5.5″, 6-Roll, Cross Axle Str.
4″ O.D. Tube Threading Machine
Tube Mill Line
3″- 5″ for Grade 80 HSLA, 120 PSI
Tube Mill Line
3.75″ x .120″ wall, 3×3 rectangle
Tube Mill Line
8″ Tube Mill Complete